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Every Day U helps develop smart water solutions

Mind blowing fact alert: despite our planet being over 71% water, half the global population is expected to live in water-stressed areas by 2025. Together though, we can prepare for this. Every time you choose a Unilever product, you’re helping us develop solutions that’ll prevent people finding themselves high and dry in the future.

Young South East Asian Woman washing material clothes outside, soapy water

Creating innovations to help those in water-stressed areas

Water is one of those resources that’s so deeply ingrained in every part of our daily lives, that it’s easy to forget just how important it is, and how easily it can suddenly vanish. By developing bold water-smart products and water-saving efficiencies, we can help consumers living in water-stressed areas use less water, and also encourage a wider shift to more sustainable consumption of water.

Brands on a water-smart mission

What do we mean by water-smart products? They’re things like the innovations incorporated into our Love Beauty and Planet® range in Canada. For example, our Love Beauty and Planet conditioners use fast-rinse technology, which gives great results while also being quicker to rinse out, helping save water.

But that’s just the beginning of the water-smart innovations we’ve got in the pipeline. By continuing to use your favourite Unilever products, you’re supporting us in the development of ever smarter innovations to make the lives of people in water-scarce regions that little bit easier.

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