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World scene with characters and Unilever logo. Farmer plants crop. Trees, sun, hills, wind farm

Every Day U Does Good

Every day we work to make the world a little better. It’s been our goal – and part of our business – for over a hundred years.

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We’re on a global mission to do good. To make our environmental footprint smaller, to better support our employees and partners, and to help local communities thrive.

When you scrub, brush, lick or slurp one of our products, you help do some good by supporting one of our many causes.

Then, imagine millions of people across the globe licking, slurping, brushing and scrubbing. That good adds up, making a pretty big impact! There’s still lots to do, but together, we can create a better world.

Every Day U Does Good.

Every day Unilever works for sustainable living

We’ve always believed in ‘doing well by doing good’. That’s why our purpose is to make sustainable living commonplace and why our Compass strategy will guide us in how we will improve the health of the planet, people’s health and wellbeing, and contribute to a fairer, more socially inclusive world

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Multi-character planet and society scene. Farmers, wind farm, trees. Supermarket and buildings.

Every Dove is made with 100% recyclable bottles*

Kind to the planet, and your skin. Dove is committed to reducing plastic waste with new packaging solutions

*All Dove bodywash, shampoo and conditioner bottles

Learn how every Dove does good
Dove purpose scene, body wash SKU. Recycling machine makes new plastic from recycled bottles.

Every Hellmann’s® helps reduce food waste 

Make Taste, Not Waste. Almost half of all food waste happens in people’s homes. And do you know what’s to blame? Life. It gets in the way. It makes us think, “I’ve got nothing to eat”. Even when there’s food right there in our fridge.

Learn how every Hellmann’s does good
Hellmann’s purpose scene with brand logo. Box of mixed food and salad indicates low food waste.

Every Seventh Generation® laundry uses renewable plant-based ingredients 

Our actions today are going to shape the world of tomorrow. So, Seventh Generation are on a mission to ensure we leave the planet in the best possible state for the generations to come.

Learn how every Seventh Generation does good
Seventh Generation purpose scene, Easy Dose laundry SKU. Vine, leaves, flowers, hummingbird.

Every Knorr® supports sustainable farming 

In 2021 we donated 321,440 products to food banks across Canada, and every day we support sustainable farming. Learn more about our ongoing efforts to do good.

Learn how every Knorr does good
Knorr purpose scene with sachet SKU. Male farmer with rake, bees, fruit tree, sustainability.

Every Ben & Jerry’s ® invests in Fairtrade farmers  

At Ben & Jerry's, we take fairness seriously. Whether it's how we treat our employees, give back to our community or dream up new flavours for our customers, fairness factors in all that we do. That's why we want to make sure that our farmers get a fair deal too.

Learn how every Ben & Jerry’s does good
Ben and Jerry’s purpose scene with ice cream SKU. Fairtrade sugarcane farmers, man and woman.
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The business of doing good

The business of doing good

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